Hello and welcome to the Ninja Generation Character Creation Guide. Naturally we want to make this entire process as clean and smooth as possible. So to do that we must go through quite a few steps. Those of you who have created an Application on our site before may go ahead and scroll down to the bottom for the Template.

Step 1: Read The Rules Edit

As always step one includes reading the rules. Without reading the rules how will you know what is and what is not allowed on the site? You can access these rules at various places along the front, registration, and forum pages and its often just a click away. A quick link to these rules is: General Rules

Step 2: Check out the template Edit

This step is very simple and could save you a lot of time when coming up with ideas for a character or when your having trouble describing the character. Plus it's always helpful to have a guide on what you do and do not need for a character. Have problems with the template or don't understand? Just keep reading as we will explain the template piece by piece for you.

Step 3: Brainstorm Edit

Many people jump into a character application without ever brainstorming their character before hand, leading to many errors and otherwise avoidable mistakes that could have been fixed by simply brainstorming before hand. Need idea's check out the Current Clans of the site.

[center][u][size=24]General Information[/size][/u][/center]


[b]Name:[/b] [b]Nickname/Title:[/b] [b]Age/D.O.B.:[/b] [b]Sex:[/b]

[size=18]Body Stature[/size]

[b]Height:[/b] [b]Weight:[/b]

[b]Description:[/b] [img][/img] [u]Head[/u]

[img][/img] [u]Upper Body[/u]

[img][/img] [u]Arms[/u]

[img][/img] [u]Lower Body[/u]

[img][/img] [u]Clothing[/u]

[img][/img] [u]Picture[/u]

[size=18]Personal Information[/size]

[b]Personality Traits:[/b]

[b]Special Characteristics:[/b]

[b]Sexual Preference:[/b] [b]Family:[/b] [b]Elements:[/b]

[b]Biography of Your Character:[/b]

[b]Strengths of Character:[/b] [img][/img] Strength 1 (Mental) [img][/img] Strength 2 (Physical)

[b]Weaknesses of Character: [/b] [img][/img] Weakness 1 (Mental) [img][/img] Weakness 2 (Physical)

[size=24]Battle Information[/size]


[u]Bladed Weapons[/u] [img][/img] Blade 1 [img][/img] Blade 2 [img][/img] Blade 3 [img][/img] Blade 4 [img][/img] Blade 5

[u]Martial Arts Weapons[/u] [img][/img] Blade 1 [img][/img] Blade 2 [img][/img] Blade 3 [img][/img] Blade 4 [img][/img] Blade 5

[u]Unorthodox Weapons[/u] Weapons you wouldn't generally find in a weapons shop, similar to lead pipes and 2x4's.

[img][/img] Unorthodox 1 [img][/img] Unorthodox 2 [img][/img] Unorthodox 3 [img][/img] Unorthodox 4 [img][/img] Unorthodox 5

[b]Currently Equipped Weapons:[/b] You may only choose weapons that you already have.

[img][/img] Right Hand (Fire Arm) [img][/img] Left Hand (Fire Arm) [img][/img] Right Hand (Blade/Unorthodox) [img][/img] Left Hand (Blade/Unorthodox)


[u]Jutsu[/u] [list=1] [*] [*] [*] [*] [*] [/list]

[u]Attacks[/u] [list=1] [*] [*] [*] [*] [*] [/list]

[size=24]Role Play Information[/size]

[b]Number of Years Role Playing:[/b] [b]Different Types of Role Plays You've Done:[/b] [b]Role Play Style:[/b] [b]Role Play Sample:[/b]