Template:Property Kage Kouso Rendan ~ Shadow Cross Combo

  • Rank: A
  • Type: Taijutsu
  • Range: Short (0~5m) Medium (0~10m)
  • Element: None
  • Users: Emanyeru Kouseitan'i

Kage Kouso Konbo, or Shadow Cross Combo, is a relative taijutsu style originated by Emanyeru Kouseitan'i. After his chuunin exams in which he observed Shishi Rendan for the first time. He also observed the frontal lotus preformed by Rock Lee and set out to make his own combo. This style similar to Shishi Rendan and Frontal Lotus begins using the Kage Buyo. Then while the opponent is focusing on the user a shadow clone, or in Emanyeru's case a darkness clone, will appear above the opponent and land a devastating kick to the face that will disorient the opponent further. The user will the realign the opponents body with the ground making them vertical before tossing them higher into the air where more clones continue to assault the opponent. When the last clone finishes they will swing the opponent around in a circle before tossing them towards the ground at a high speed. This will cause the opponent to impact the ground terribly cracking it. In a variation the opponent will be tossed towards the ground at very high speed and the users will catch them by the shirt or leg and use their momentum to swing them around and slam them into the ground hard cracking the earth while dealing a large amount of damage to the opponent.