Koori Mizore
Character Info
Age: 12
Height: 5' 0"
Weight: 70 lbs
Gender: Male
Rank: Academy Student
Nature Type: Liquid Nitrogen
Ninja Type: Nin. Expert
Ninja ID: N/A
Village: N/A
Clan Mizore
Class: N/A
Occupation: N/A
Affiliation N/A
Previous Team(s): N/A
Jutsu: -

Character info
Name Koori Mizore
Age 12
Rank Academy Student
Ninja Type Nin Expert
Class N/A
Level 1
Main Element Liquid Nitrogen
Secondary Element N/A
Battle Record
Teir Ranking 4
Wins 0 Loses 0 Draws 0
Speed 1 Strength 1 Defense 1 Intelligence 1
Control 1 Stealth 1 Main Element 1 Secondary Element 1
Off Nin 1 Off Tai 1 Off Gen 1 Off Wep 1
Def Nin 1 Def Tai 1 Def Gen 1 Def Wep 1


Koori was born in the land of snow, he grew up loved by his father and mother untill they were hiking up in the mountains. koori was 6 when this happen, he was walking behind them when an avalanche happen and swept them both off, the mother died on contact but the father grip on koori's face, his left side while koori was holding on the the tree, the father finnaly died i the struggle but koori's face was scared for life, he was lost for many years and lived on the mountain untill he was 12. He went and applied for the academy student training, He met others friends in his training and they all ask about the scar on his face, he told them and they never bother again. Every night he still trains while hes thinking about his mum and his dad, and why he had to to lose them so soon.


He is very small and has snow white hair, his skin is the normal color but his eyes are like ice a pale blue which are extremely pircing which make many people not want to look at him, he also has a scar from left down down to his cheek, it was there from his father, he wears a black and white hood cloak to keep him warm when hes around people but when hes not he wars no tops, because he loves the cold. he has long sandle boots up to his knees and arm protecters up to his elbows which protect him in close combat.


Koori is a cold person to be around with, he dosent like to talk much, and never lets his happy side out, but sometimes his mood can change when he thinks about his past alot which makes him angry, he dont really care when it comes to girls, he treats everyone like a enemy which is his downfall to when they want to help. He also uses warm smiles to decive people and if he finds people he likes which is rare he would bond with them but still keep his distance.