Marsh Country
Marsh Country

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Country Names
Name English: Marsh Country
Name Japanese: Shotaku no Kuni
Name Kanji: マーシュ国
Marsh Empire

The Imperial Flag of the Marsh Empire

Political Information
Current Daimyo: N/A
Capital City: Sawagakure no Sato
Country Rank:
Surface Area
Total Surface Area Miles:
Total Surface Area Kilometers:
Total Land Surface Area Miles:
Total Land Surface Area Kilometers:
Total Water Surface Area Miles:
Total Water Surface Area Kilometers:
Social Information
Current Population: 4,372,193
Primary Ethnicity: Caucasian 67%, Hispanic 23%, Black 5%, Natives 5%
Official Language: English, Spanish, Native Tongue
Official Religion None

The grand country of Marsh, situated to the south of the Royal Shadow Knight Empire, is the home of the second oldest village on the continent. Hidden deep in the marshes of their country, lay the utterly mysterious country of Marsh. Hidden from view for over twenty years, Marsh has played the role of keeping its larger neighbor to the north in check. It is also home to the originators of poison gas, and assassins. Its swamps and marshes are impervious to most attacks that do not include fire in them and its gases are severely flammable as well as poisonous making the land deadly to all but those who live inside of its leaf borders.