Tundera Amorialea
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Argemone Amorialea

Indigenous to the Western Royal Shadow Knight Empire, the Tundera Amorialea is a prickly stemmed flowering plant. It thrives in the harsh desert climate of the desolate plains because of its need of cool dry nutrient filled air. The air it receives actually mutated the plant making it thrive off the poisonous gases spewn from some of the active sulfur spouts. The nectar it gives off collects in the pit and is highly poisonous and corrosive. The oil that coats its leaves is often time used to polish rocks and is highly acidic to everything but the plants leaves and some metals. The containers used to store the oil on the leaves is made of high grade carbon steel that has be tempered with titanium and adamant diamond giving it an almost in destructible feel.


The T. Amorialea is a prickly leafed flower. Its stems are coated in thick thorns that inject harsh neurotoxins into the blood stream that paralyze the person or animal holding them. Its been discovered that this is a sort of defense for the planet to prevent scavengers from eating them. The flowers themselves are bright yellow a signature of its sulfur infused life span. The petals slowly curl up and away from the center of the flower forming six spiral like features on the plant, leaving the central bulb bare to the world. Surrounding the dark central bulb is a ringlet of dark yellow pollen stubs, used by the abnormal insects of the area to pollinate the flowers. Because of the wide spread petals the wind will sometimes pick up the pollen and carry it off to the other plants pollinating them.


Often used in medicine, the Tundera Amorialea, is a very tricky vaccine to use on most known viruses. A major downside of using a poisonous plant to cure diseases is in fact the fear of poisoning the patient. Giving way to the proper way of using the Tundera Amorialea. To properly use the T. Amorialea for treatment you have to separating the three main components of its nectar: Tundera Juice, Amorialea Nectar, and Sulfur Dioxide gas. By separate the Juice and Nectar from the gas, you remove the acidity, while removing the juice from the nectar removes the poison. The poison cures the diseases so doctors and medics need to mix the juice and the nectar in sparing amounts.

Tundera Juice is also used in tonics, potions, and poisons to give them a more exotic and deadly feel. Tundera Juice is said to rival Mercury in its poisonous attributes, and can often lead to hallucination and death if consumed in copious amounts. The poisons created from this nectar are often very acidic, because the users tend to extract only the nectar making the juice more concentrated than normal. When this happens its strength increases. This form of the juice is often used in assassins tonic.